Renovation Asset Services Launches “” Website; Purchase “Fixer Homes With Fixer Loans”

5 01 2013

R4R Wood logoRenovation Asset Services, a Tustin, CA company just launched where home buyers go to buy Fixer Homes with Fixer Loans.  These are older or distressed properties that are prepared to be sold to owner-occupant buyers at a discounted price that comes with a government renovation loan.  This is the first national program of it’s kind designed to revitalize communities and create responsible, sustainable homeownership opportunities for home buyers.  There are millions of distressed properties across the country that need updating and this allows new or existing home owners to customize the home the way they want without it costing them money out of their pocket to do the improvements.  This program is available for purchase or refinance.

What is a Fixer Home with a Fixer Loan video

Ready4Remodel takes the fear out of buying an older or distressed home.  These homes are pre-inspected, so potential home buyers know what repairs are needed before they make an offer and they know what their monthly payment will be if they include the remodeling cost into their 30 year mortgage.  These homes are “Virtually Staged” to help home buyers visualize what the home could look like fixed up like these properties in Los Angeles, California or Oroville, CA.

All work is completed after the transaction closes by the contractor of the buyers choice and all repair costs are financed on top of the purchase price and amortized over 30 years.

Ready4Remodel has teams of R4R Certified Real Estate Agents, Loan Officers and Contractors in over 30 states and is expecting to have teams in all 50 states by the end of the second quarter 2013.  Agents, Lenders are Contractors who are interested in revitalizing their communities are welcome to join the Ready4Remodel family.

Hedge Funds, Asset Management Companies and Outsourcing Firms looking to attract owner-occupant buyers on distressed properties and market to larger buyer pools, are encouraged to use this platform to sell their homes.

For more information visit or call 800-385-3503.

“Ready4Remodel” Home In North Tustin, CA Offered For Sale By Seven Gables Real Estate For $649,000

5 12 2012

Ready4Remodel 19381 Saint Marys Drive Santa Ana 92705

Residential Home Remodels Continue To Increase In 2011 With A 22% Increase Over 2010

25 07 2011
  • The Residential BuildFax Remodeling Index rose 22% year-over-year–and for the nineteenth straight month–in May to 124.3, the highest number in the index to date
  • Residential remodels in May were up month-over-month 14.6 points (13%) from the April value of 109.7, and up year-over-year 22.1 points from the May 2010 value of 102.2
  • All regions were up month-over-month, with the Northeast up 9.8 points (12%), the South up 7.3 points (7%), the Midwest up 16.3 points (18%), and the West up 8.7 points (7%)
  • “Through the first five months of 2011 we have seen impressive gains within the remodeling index and May has continued that trend with a record setting month,” said Joe Emison, Vice President of Research and Development at BuildFax
  • “Even with the continued struggles in the economy, the remodeling industry has been a bright spot, as consumers look to make upgrades to their current homes, rather than purchasing a new residence
  • Based on the trends from the first months of this year, we expect to continue seeing strong gains from coast to coast.”
  • The BuildFax Remodeling Index is based on construction permits filed with local building departments across the country
  • The index tracks the number of properties permitted
  • The national and regional indexes all have an initial value of 100 set in April of 2004, are based on a three-month moving average, and are not seasonally adjusted

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Remodeling And The Art Of Homeowner Happiness: “Be Careful What You Wish For In Home Improvements”

26 03 2011


  • Remodels must meet a household’s daily needs, not those of a magazine or TV show
  • How the family cooks, shops, eats, entertains and cleans up is critical to any successful remodel
  • High-maintenance materials will not work with a busy, hectic schedule
  • Select a kitchen layout and appliances that match your lifestyle
  • Remodels must incorporate the homes essential architecture and remail consistent with existing architecture
  • Flooring and cabinetry finishes must compliment existing materiaals and colors
  • Will a French country or Tuscan kitchen will look out of place with an existing California contemporary?
  • A renovation must not be in excess of the home’s true value
  • A renovation must be proportionate because a $100,000 kitchen won’t turn a $400,000 home into a $500,000 home
  • Overspending and over-improving a home can turn an exciting project into problem down the road

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First-time Homebuyers Are Competing With Investors With Cash To Purchase REO’s And Foreclosures That Are In “Poor Condition”; FHA 203k Renovation Loans Are The Ideal Financing Choice

11 03 2011


  • First time home buyers, real estate investors, and second home buyers are competing for REO’s
  • First-time Homebuyers must perform home inspections as property conditions can be poor
  • The FHA 203k loan has built-in safeguards for obtaining a thorough inspection and comprehensive list of repairs
  • Foreclosure homes can be damaged by evicted homeowners who often engage in violence against the home as a way to vent frustration toward the lender
  • It  is illegal to cause property damage or remove attachments such as windows, flooring, toilets, or tubs, but this does not stop people from doing it
  • Bank owned homes are in better shape than properties sold at foreclosure auction
  • Once banks regain ownership they often make required repairs to return the property to salable condition
  • Banks also remove any attachments, such as creditor judgments and tax liens that could interfere with title transfer
  • Because banks incur financial loss through the foreclosure process, along with costs of required repairs, they rarely accept offers for less than the purchase price
  • Many times banks may not accept offers unless they exceed the asking price
  • In some California areas, a shrinking housing inventory has resulted in REO purchase offers being rejected
  • Offers as high as 25-percent higher than the asking price are declined
  • Properties listed for 6 months or longer (called “stagnant” properties) are properties that banks are more likely to deal on

Home Remodeling Projects: Using An Architect And Contractor To “Solve” What’s Working And Not Working In A Home Is Critical

21 02 2011


  • Determine what’s working and what’s not in the home
  • A second marriage can blend two families with teenagers making a home remodel necessary
  • A lack of bedrooms, bathrooms and a large gathering space was obvious
  • Now list needs and wants
  • A separate bedroom for each child away from parents’ bedroom was essential
  • Two existing bathrooms would have to become four
  • Space for doing homework, a larger kitchen and great room were the priorities
  • The backyard pool was kept so the room additions would have to be in a second story
  • Talk with and contract an architect and/or a general contractor
  • The architect will refine the renovation list and adress building codes, structural issues, and good design principles, and start on plans
  • Architecture is about solving problems

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Recent Survey Finds Homeowners Want To Remodel Homes To Add Bedrooms With Full Baths, Laundry Rooms And More Storage Space

22 01 2011

A Better Homes and Gardens magazine survey of magazine readers taken in late December found that these are the six spaces that homeowners most want to see included in their new home or updated in their existing one:

  1.  Separate laundry room

  2.  More storage and built-ins

  3.  A home office

  4.  An outdoor grilling/living area

  5.  A second bedroom with a private bath

  6. Everyday eating space close to the kitchen

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Home Renovation Contractors: San Diego, CA Contractor Opened Up Wall To Expand Kitchen (Video)

21 01 2011

FHA 203k Renovation Loans Can Be Used To Enlarge A Master Bathroom, Create An Upstairs Enterainment Room And Adding A Downstairs Bedroom

28 12 2010

Enlarging The Master Bathroom

Knocking through into a spare bedroom or unused office to get extra space. It is pointless missing out on a luxurious bathroom just because you may need the spare bedroom once in a blue moon. A full service contractor who is both the builder and plumber can save money on this type of project.

Upstairs Entertainment Room 

Convert a spare room into an entertainment room by knocking out a wall to create more space. Interior Designerss will be able to complete the whole job for you and it could really improve home life.

Add A Downstairs Bedroom

 A large room downstairs that is not being fully utilised can be converted into a bedroom allowing a small room upstairs to become an office or study. Contractor Spotlight: Del Mar Firefighter Has Townhome Completely Renovated And Repaired (Video)

16 11 2010

This condo is owned by a Del Mar firefighter who is also a single mother. Immediately upon purchasing her townhome, she found many structural issues. The Trident Group corrected the structural issues and performed a complete rehab at cost.