“Ready4Remodel”: What Is A Fixer Home With A Fixer Loan? (Video)

5 12 2012

A Ready4Remodel home is a Fixer home with a Fixer loan. An FHA 203k loan is easy when you use the Ready4Remodel professionals. The Agents, Loan Officers and Contractors are certified and are experts at finding Fixer uppers and helping remodel and revitalize homes and communities nationwide.



Skip Schenker’s “Hot Dog Of The Week” Renovation Video Series Visits A Huntington Beach, CA 3-Unit Fixer That Will Shine While It Generates Cash With An FHA 203k Renovation Loan (Video)

9 05 2011

The Renovation Lending Institute will help you turn a bank owned foreclosure home from a dog into a dream home with an FHA 203k renovation home loan. Remodel any home with just 3.5% down and include money for all fix up costs including a new kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, paint , carpet, windows, doors, new roof, HVAC system. Call Skip Schenker at 800-385-3503 to learn how you can get government insured money to remodel your current or next home. Visit http://www.RenovationLendingInstitute.com to learn more. Multi unit properties with a small down payment.

First-time Homebuyers Are Competing With Investors With Cash To Purchase REO’s And Foreclosures That Are In “Poor Condition”; FHA 203k Renovation Loans Are The Ideal Financing Choice

11 03 2011


  • First time home buyers, real estate investors, and second home buyers are competing for REO’s
  • First-time Homebuyers must perform home inspections as property conditions can be poor
  • The FHA 203k loan has built-in safeguards for obtaining a thorough inspection and comprehensive list of repairs
  • Foreclosure homes can be damaged by evicted homeowners who often engage in violence against the home as a way to vent frustration toward the lender
  • It  is illegal to cause property damage or remove attachments such as windows, flooring, toilets, or tubs, but this does not stop people from doing it
  • Bank owned homes are in better shape than properties sold at foreclosure auction
  • Once banks regain ownership they often make required repairs to return the property to salable condition
  • Banks also remove any attachments, such as creditor judgments and tax liens that could interfere with title transfer
  • Because banks incur financial loss through the foreclosure process, along with costs of required repairs, they rarely accept offers for less than the purchase price
  • Many times banks may not accept offers unless they exceed the asking price
  • In some California areas, a shrinking housing inventory has resulted in REO purchase offers being rejected
  • Offers as high as 25-percent higher than the asking price are declined
  • Properties listed for 6 months or longer (called “stagnant” properties) are properties that banks are more likely to deal on

FundMyRemodel.com Renovation Benefits: Remodeling A Home Can Help Change Homeowner’s “Lifestylye” By Eliminating “Weekly Fixer Projects”

1 11 2010

Rosann Robinson…knew her house had its issues. It is a 1940s bungalow just south of Sugarhouse Park with all the charm of the quaint neighborhoods in Salt Lake City.


“It is really freeing to have my weekends again,” she says. “It is amazing all the other things I can do with my time now that I don’t have all that house stuff to take care of.”

Kitchen before remodel....

However, all the charm of an older home comes with a price. It costs both time and money and many weekends dedicated to fixing the current problem, and the rest of the time worrying about what might need attention next.

“I didn’t realize before how much time and energy I was spending worrying about my old house,” Robinson says. “Wondering if this was the weekend

....kitchen after remodel. Photos by Annie V. Schwemmer

the sewer was going to back up again, or if when I turned on the light I would hear that pop for the last time. I didn’t realize how much effort it was taking to just make my older home not look shabby.”

Robinson even felt herself holding back from the things she wanted to do because of her old house.

“I didn’t have anyone over because I was afraid the toilet might back up, or of what spider web or scary corner I missed. I usually had a list of house stuff I had to take care of every weekend.”

After she finished the extensive remodel on her home, she was surprised by how much her lifestyle changed.

Robinson says she didn’t realize how much time she was spending just maintaining her house so she could use it.

“I can cook in my kitchen without having to deep clean first,” she says. “The grout was coming out of the tile counter top, and I didn’t know what might be growing in there. Now it is so nice to be able to just use my home.”

For more:  http://www.deseretnews.com/article/700077832/Remodeling-can-free-up-time-money-spent-on-older-homes.html

Skip Schenker’s “Hot” Dog Of The Week: Fullerton, CA Home Is In Need Of A 203K Renovation Loan For Major Foundation, Structural And Interior/Exterior Renovation (Video)

4 08 2010

Learn about the power of the FHA 203(k) renovation loan when purchasing a “Diamond in the Rough.” Remodeling funds can be included in the buyers loan when purchasing this or any home which is in the right neighborhood, but it does not have the kind of finishing touches you want; like new paint, new carpet, new kitchen cabinets, dual pane windows, new appliances, etc… OC & LA loan amounts to $729,750 with just 3.5% down payment.

Home Renovation Financing: Skip Schenker Of REOLenders.com Interview (Video)

1 06 2010

Broker Realtor Michael Stark of http://PostYourProperty.com interviews Skip Schenker of http://REOLenders.com . Michael is also the founder of PostYourProperty.com, which is a free FSBO (for sale by owner) real estate listing service.

Home Rehab And Renovation: Oakland Fixers Had New Foundations, Kitchens And Bathrooms Added With Electrical And Plumbing Brought Up To Code

27 05 2010

  Work included new foundations, new replacement wooden, dual-glazed, double hung windows (with removal of aluminum single-pane windows) and new kitchens and bathrooms. Lathe and plaster was repaired, and zero-VOC paints were used throughout. Salvaged exterior and interior doors from the 1920s were installed and all electrical and plumbing were brought up to code.

…two Oakland properties which had fallen into extreme disrepair; one was located in the Maxwell Park neighborhood near High Street, and the other was in Allendale, near 35th Avenue and Penniman. Both were 1920s bungalow-style cottages, less than 1,000 square feet, and had previously been bank-owned properties.

Zelkha incorporated green design processes and materials in the renovations, and then sold the houses to first-time homebuyer. Work included new foundations, new replacement wooden, dual-glazed, double hung windows (with removal of aluminum single-pane windows) and new kitchens and bathrooms. Lathe and plaster was repaired, and zero-VOC paints were used throughout. Salvaged exterior and interior doors from the 1920s were installed and all electrical and plumbing were brought up to code.

Renovation Specialists http://www.reolenders.com/

In the Allendale neighborhood house, previous owners had added an un-permitted bedroom and bathroom, and acovered deck in the rear of the property which was in an advance state of disrepair. During renovations, these add-ons were removed. The unsightly ironwork security bars were dismantled and recycled. Zelkha also provided drought tolerant bay friendly landscaping to both residences.

For more:  http://www.insidebayarea.com/oakland/ci_15130785