Ready4Remodel’s Skip Schenker Interviewed On “Capital Markets Today” Radio Program

14 02 2013

Click on picture to listen to interview REO Update: Skip Schenker Of Renovation Lending Institute Discusses How Listing Agents Can Increase Buyer Pool By Closing “As-Is” With FHA 203k Renovation Loans (Audio)

29 11 2010

Skip Schenker of Renovation Lending Institute

Skip Schenker of and Renovation Lending Institute talks about the advantages of closing “As-Is” with an FHA 203k renovation loan for listing agents and buyers agents. Sellers and asset managers may not want to repair properties prior to sale and by using 203k loans to close “As-Is” the available buyer pool is increased and the potential for timely and higher value sales are increased.

CLICK ON PICTURE TO HEAR SKIP DISCUSS CLOSING “AS-IS” Interview: Skip Schenker Talks With John Reyes Of About The Professional Real Estate Site (Audio)

8 10 2010

Skip Schenker with John D. Reyes (on left) of at the CAR Realtors Expo in Anaheim, CA on Oct. 6 (CLICK ON PICTURE TO HEAR INTERVIEW)

Skip Schenker talks with John Reyes of about how his company, a professional Real Estate site, is committed to becoming the premier home finding destination on the web. The simplicity and user friendly design are key factors as to why is so widely used and accepted. Their goal is to work hand in hand with Real Estate professionals to drive potential buyers to the front door of their listings.

“How To Select A Contractor” By Skip Schenker Of

3 09 2010


“Hot…Dog Of The Week” Home Renovation Show Adds Interior Designer Rona Graf As Co-Host

3 09 2010

Rona Graf joined Skip Schenker on the Sept. 1 "Hot...Dog of the Week" home renovation show. Click on picture to hear their comments.

“” Housing Design Update: NPR Airs “In Japan, Living Large In Really Tiny Houses”

2 09 2010

CLICK ON RADIO TO HEAR NPR'S: "In Japan, Living Large In Really Tiny Houses"

The Japanese have long endured crowded cities and scarce living space, with homes so humble a scornful European official once branded them rabbit hutches.

But in recent years, Japanese architects have turned necessity into virtue, vying to design unorthodox and visually stunning houses on remarkably narrow pieces of land. In the process, they are also redefining the rules of home design.

“” Presents: “How To Sell Distressed Properties” With “Hot…Dog Of The Week” Videos

1 09 2010

How to Sell Distressed Properties
“HOT… Dog of the Week”  Videos

These videos are designed  to help buyers visualize turning a dog house into thier dream house.  We educate buyers and brokers the power of Renovation Financing with the FHA 203(k) Streamline, FHA 203(k) Standard and HomePath Renovation Loans.


“As a teenager I loved film so I found a way to marry my passion for film making to my business,” 

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