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23 03 2011


FundMyRemodel.com: The Addition Of Fireplaces Raise The Value Of Homes About 10% And Are The Third Most Popular Renovation

16 09 2010

The National Association of Realtors says a fireplace addition will raise the value of a home 6 to 12 percent. Adding a fireplace is also the third most popular renovation right behind kitchens and bathrooms.

If you don’t have a fireplace, you should definitely consider adding one. Unfortunately you can’t get that wonderful wood-burning one because of environmental issues and enormous construction costs, but there are plenty of options. And most are cost effective.

Gas fireplaces can be either vented or vent-free. The vent-free would be the easiest to add. The vented type requires a place for the air to exit to the outside through a chimney or pipe in an outside wall. This fireplace is also probably the most expensive to install in a makeover.

Electric fireplaces are a worthwhile consideration because you can just plug them in and, voilà, you have a fire. They require no venting and you can literally move them from room to room. I have a friend who routinely moves her electric fireplace into the bedroom in the winter and it is just decoration in the living room in the summer. And it does provide heat!

Gel fuel fireplaces are also mobile and require no vents. The fuel comes in steel containers that are placed behind real looking logs. They last four or five hours and the flame is somewhat realistic.

If you are planning a major renovation, you can put a fireplace anywhere you wish. But if you’re not planning anything major, opt for the electric one. It offers the look and feel of a “real” fire without the hassle or expense.

So you see, we can have the same things in our homes that people in other parts of the country do. Ours are just hotter and flashier.

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