Renovation Financing: The Basics Of The FHA 203k Renovation Mortgage

30 11 2010 REO Update: Skip Schenker Of Renovation Lending Institute Discusses How Listing Agents Can Increase Buyer Pool By Closing “As-Is” With FHA 203k Renovation Loans (Audio)

29 11 2010

Skip Schenker of Renovation Lending Institute

Skip Schenker of and Renovation Lending Institute talks about the advantages of closing “As-Is” with an FHA 203k renovation loan for listing agents and buyers agents. Sellers and asset managers may not want to repair properties prior to sale and by using 203k loans to close “As-Is” the available buyer pool is increased and the potential for timely and higher value sales are increased.

CLICK ON PICTURE TO HEAR SKIP DISCUSS CLOSING “AS-IS” HUD Homes Update: HUD.Gov Launches New HUD Homes Store With Improved Home Search Features

27 11 2010 FHA 203k Renovation: Singer Construction In Southern California Highlights The Benefits Of FHA 203k Loans For Home Renovations (Video)

25 11 2010

This house in Long Beach California is perfect for a 203k renovation loan. Singer Construction is a 203k contracting expert. This house has some illegal construction and mold issues that a first time home buyer may not want to deal with, or may not be able to afford after plunking down 20% on a mortgage. But with a 203k rehab loan, you can roll the costs of rehab into your mortgage and make a dirty, disgusting bank foreclosure into the home of your dreams. Mortgage Market Update: Mortgage Rates End Shortened Holiday Week Slightly Higher

24 11 2010

During the short Thanksgiving week, turmoil in Korea had the greatest impact on mortgage rates. A wide range of economic data was released ahead of the holiday, but overall it was roughly neutral for mortgage rates, which ended the week slightly higher.

An attack by North Korea on a South Korean island caused global investors to shift funds to relatively safer assets on Tuesday. As usual, this hurt stocks and helped bonds, including mortgage-backed securities, pushing mortgage rates a little lower. The conflict did not escalate or spread, though, and investors reversed their actions on Wednesday, moving mortgage rates higher.

On Tuesday, the detailed minutes from the November 3 Fed meeting revealed a high level of disagreement between Fed officials about the new $600 billion quantitative easing program. With high unemployment and low inflation, Fed officials would like to take action. The problem is that the options available to the Fed to help boost economic growth have potentially negative consequences. According to the minutes, some Fed officials pointed out that the quantitative easing program could weaken the dollar or lead to undesirably high future inflation. In the end, 10 out of 11 Fed officials decided that the expected benefits justified the risks and was better than doing nothing, but many officials considered it a very close call. The relatively weak support within the Fed further clouds the future of the program, and the uncertainty for investors has added to already high levels of volatility in mortgage rates. Interview: Skip Schenker Interviews FHA 203k HUD Consultant And Trainer Mike Young (Audio)

24 11 2010

HUD Consultant and FHA 203k Trainer Mike Young

Skip Schenker with talks with HUD Consultant Mike Young, who talks about some of his favorite FHA 203k renovation properties. Mike is also a FHA 203k  Trainer, software provider, and website editor

 CLICK ON PICTURE TO HEAR INTERVIEW Home Renovation: Skip Schenker’s “Hot…Dog Of The Week” Home Renovation Video Visits Los Angeles, CA Homeowner Who Purchased Bank Foreclosure Using FHA 203k Loan To Create Beautiful Home (Video)

23 11 2010

Skip Schenker’s HOT… Dog of the week shows how the FHA 203(k) loan program helped a young family in Los Angeles, CA buy a bank foreclosure that was severely distressed and eyesore in the neighborhood and turned it into a beautiful family home. This is part one; part two will be available next week. Please forward to your friends or others who can benefit from the FHA 203(k) Renovation Loan program