Skip Schenker’s “Hot…Dog Of The Week”: Irvine, CA Attached SFR Needs An “Extreme Make-Over” FHA 203k Renovation Loan To Look Like New (Video)

19 08 2010

Buyers learn how to look past the old kitchen, damaged bathrooms and nasty carpet to find a great deal and do their own “Extreme Make-Over” FHA 203(k) Edition. This Irvine attached SFR, is a great opportunity to get a good deal and extra money in their renovation loan to customize the home the way they want. New carpet, new paint, a new kitchen, new bathrooms. Include all of the remodeling costs in your new loan. visit for more information.


Green Homes On National TV: “Building Green TV” Shows Homeowners How Easy It Is To “Go Green” (Video)

19 08 2010

Building Green is a labor of passion. Producer and host Kevin Contreras is as fiercely committed to building awareness as he is to building houses, which is why he and other like-minded individuals are now developing media to do just that.

Building Green TV’s mission is to provide homeowners with a glimpse of just how easy, cost-effective and healthy it is to go green, while dispelling the myth that an environmentally conscious lifestyle means doing without.

Through our nationally-aired TV series, Kevin takes viewers on a highly personal journey, showing them exactly what it’s like for an “ordinary guy” to make the commitment to go green.

On our website,, we provide detailed how-to information and connect readers with resources. As fans of the social network, we also offer readers a place to share their own stories and tips, and to interact directly with Kevin himself and an ever-growing roster of self-taught green building mavens and experts alike.

Filming Green

Filming a television show is a process with a lot of moving parts, but we make every effort to film green. Here are a few of the ways we incorporate the “reduce, reuse, recycle” ethic into our workdays:

  • Many employees are located in home offices all over the country
  • Production vehicle runs on straight veggie oil
  • Recycling bins are everywhere
  • The production office is lit by natural light with solar electric and heating
  • Rechargeable batteries are used for all equipment
  • Lunches are made communal style, to eliminate trash from brought in food
  • When traveling, the crew carries lunch pails, utensils and stainless liquid containers to avoid paper or plastic products
  • Recycled and compostable paper products and biobags are used when necessary
  • We consolidated travel involving sales, shooting for season one, and other seasons every trip
  • We hire local crews to eliminate transportation.

“Green Homes Of The Future”: Architects Design Optimum “Home Envelopes” To Maximize Light Transmittance While Minimizing Heat Loss Or Gain

19 08 2010

The house is clad in a Distributed Responsive System of Skins prototype that includes deployable exterior shades over quadruple-glazed IGUs and a series of building-integrated photovoltaic panels that generate electricity. The skin allows maximum light transmittance while retaining heat for passive heating in the winter months, and the shades can be deployed to reduce heat gain during the summer. Architect Magazine August 2010 Issue.


To optimize the house's interior, the team designed a custom ceiling treatment with 4,500 individually formed cells made from window-shade material. The cells both reduce sound reflectivity and pick up natural light at the perimeter, helping to project and diffuse it further into the floor plate. Phase-changing materials in the floor store heat from the sun's rays and radiate it out during cold winter nights, an energy savings that can be tracked on the integrated touchscreens. Making the most of the small floor plan is a deployable bed, which can be retracted into the ceiling when not in use. Architect Magazine.

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